Admission Process

New York Academy is now accepting applications for the 2017-2018 school year. Please check with our Admissions office before applying
to determine availability.

Please follow the instructions below to apply

Step 1: Please fill out and submit the Inquiry form.
Step 2: Please contact our Admissions office to schedule a tour/visit of the school.
Step 3: Complete and submit Application for Admission Form.
Step 4: Once you have completed application, you will be able to schedule your parent interview (approximately 30 minutes in length). The admissions team will contact you with a date/time for your interview and a trial day for your child. Both the interview and the trail class will take place simultaneously.
Step 5: You will receive a call of acceptance with your child’s class and tuition details. Once the tuition is paid and, your child will be registered at New York Academy.