Letter from our Founder and Chairman


I appreciate your interest in New York Academy (NYA). As a way of introduction, I would like to let you know that NYA is an offspring of Sree Vidyanikethan Educational Trust, which is one of India’s most respected and premier educational organizations. Needless to say, Vidyanikethan has been most parents’ choice since inception in 1992. We know this because, parents of over 14,000 students have placed their trust in Vidyanikethan; believing in its educational practices and its reputed character building ecosystem.

With nearly 2,500 highly committed and dedicated staff at the moment, Vidyanikethan’s varied branches of schools and colleges have been a force to reckon with in the field of education in India. Due to the constantly changing scenario in the educational system, and the progressive demand for an exceptional teaching approach, NYA has been conceptualized.

At NYA, we place a huge value on creativity, which is why we have an exclusive strategy and educational program in place to help our students easily fall in love with the joy of learning. We also believe community is everything when it comes to learning; hence, we have built a healthy, warm, safe, and nurturing environment for them. We looked into our past and built the kind of system we wished we had growing up; making it just the right place to be for an easy learning process and swift developmental growth.

In a bid to come up with the best program possible, we focused on the very “best practices” and innovation that we are sure has great potential, and have refined this system through a groundbreaking developmental process.

For a project as huge as the New York Academy to come to life, we understood the need for a clear-cut balance of our educational views with that of leading experts from the American education system. This is why we came up with a competent team of expert educators to ensure the realization of our vision.

Our goal at NYA is to attract parents and families that believe they can actually get the new approach to education for their kids. We would easily accept that coming up with this is never an easy task; it requires the cooperative support of both teachers and parents, including the children and administrators, all in an effort to create something spectacular – a school like no other.

It would be a pleasure to invite you and your family to be part of the making of history through the New York Academy.

Warm Regards,
Vishnu Manchu
Chairman, NYA