Mother/Toddlers (1-year-olds)

Our Approach
New York Academy knows that learning begins from day one.  In our Toddler programs, children learn through play and a wide variety of child-centered activities. They learn fine and gross motor skills and achieve developmental milestones. Helping children develop language skills and use words to express their feelings and thoughts are significant parts of the program. We give children plenty of hands-on opportunities to explore art materials in a safe environment. The focus is on learning through fun play and activity, including music, movement and a variety of sensory learning experiences. The program offers childrena well-rounded and rich learning experience.

We guide parents to support for their child’s development for learning at home.

Mother/Toddler Program
We offer our Mother/Toddler Program in which mothers and toddlers participate together for one-hour a day. Typically, children in this program are between twelve and eighteen months of age.

Toddlers Program
We offer our Toddlers Program for one and one half hours a day, where the students of our Mother/Toddler program advance to when they are ready. In this program, children participate without their mothers. Typically, children are between eighteen and twenty-four months. This program prepares children for Nursery and Pre-School.