Lead Science Teacher


The purpose of this job is to lead and facilitate student’s learning and success through creative use of progressive learning and development methodology delivered in line with the vision, mission and values of NYA.

Curriculum plan and design

  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of various teaching methodologies and progressive methods of teaching appropriate to the grade assigned.
  • Adopt a consistent collaborative focus on improving student’s learning outcomes through the modelling of best teaching practice.
  • Participate in developing a common understanding of the pedagogy and curriculum, learning goals and strategies and adopt the most appropriate research-based teaching practice at NYA. Preparing the planners and uploading it on Atlas Rubicon.
  • Lead the session delivery to ensure the delivery of appropriate, comprehensive, innovative and high -quality pedagogy.
  • Be familiar with, and adhere to, all requirements for external and internal quality standards requirements and accreditations like IB and WACS.
  • Effectively use digital platforms for teaching delivery. Modulate the resources, methods and teaching aids to be used in digitally conducted sessions.

Student’s success

  • Demonstrate deep understanding of foundational concepts of child’s overall development and cognitive abilities.
  • Connect with student’s and demonstrate genuine concern and care for their development
  • Adopt methods to trigger curiosity and passion for learning and self-development.
  • Conduct the class that encourages self-discipline while maintaining healthy discussion and collaboration amongst students.
  • Assist students in setting realistic goals for themselves in line with their abilities and interests. Encourage students in pursuing their passion by connecting them to right resources and opportunities.
  • Connect regularly with the parents and carry out constructive conversations about the students. Mutually agree on the development plan of the students. Take ownership in preparing and circulating the Progress card and Report cards.
  • Be consistent with the overall learning philosophy and practices of NYA

Class management and delivery

  • Demonstrate expertise in usage of various learning technique appropriate for the concept, learning goals and teaching philosophy.
  • Engage with all students in the grade and encourage participation from them in class activities
  • Communicate clearly the concepts and execute the learning methodologies planned for the session.
  • Set clear expectations from students on the tasks to be completed to gain deeper understanding of the concepts covered.
  • Integrate the concepts the with larger learning goals of the academic year as well as those covered in the past. Show linkage with the future and practical applications of the concepts (where applicable)

Accreditations and extra-curricular activities

  • Take active part in planning and executing extra-curricular activities in line with the academic calendar
  • Lead the concept design, coordinate with various NYA departments, and support the execution of events at NYA
  • Maintain all evidence and documents related to IB and WASC. Assist in the completion of accreditation requirements.

Professional development

  • Continuously dialogue with fellow teachers on the usage of learning methods and pedagogy.
  • Identify areas of self-development through reflection and discussions with Coordinator. Take active part in discussing the periodic formative observations
  • Be curious in learning about progressive methods of teaching and carry out research to update self in those techniques.
  • Experiment with new teaching methods appropriate for the concepts covered.
  • Identify training and professional development areas and resources.

Key Accountabilities – Display (Competencies)

  • Child learning process
  • Teaching methodologies
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Instructional design
  • Digital literacy
  • Coaching and mentoring

Key Accountabilities – Deliver (KPIs)

  • Student’s success metrics
  • Professional conduct like on-time attendance, communication and adherence to NYA Code of Conduct