PHE is an integral part of holistic development. Students learn about sports, sportsmanship, and develop skills such as self-management, communication and social skills. At NYA, we focus both on Physical and Health Education. To have a balanced curriculum we focus on the following:

Individual Pursuits: Through this we focus on the development of basic motor skills and the body’s capacity for movement through locomotor and manipulative skills. Exercise builds stamina and endurance to develop and maintain health and physical fitness. Our students understand and differentiate the different parts of a proper warm-up routine: Pre-warm-up stretches; Aerobic activity and Rotational exercises. Students engage in a range of athletic activities like running, jumping, hopping, track and field. Children develop the fundamental skills to perform the best in any sport.

Movement Composition: We recognize that movements can be linked together and refined to create a sequence of aesthetic movements. To focus on this strand, we do Gymnastics, Yoga and Martial Arts.

Students perform gymnastics to develop balance, flexibility and strength in order to demonstrate the drills gracefully on the floor and on apparatus.

Yoga helps our students develop the connection between body and mind through asanas, pranayama and meditation. Yoga is a part of our PHE program and also the Mindfulness sessions in the classroom.

In Martial Arts the students learn the basics punches, blocks and stances, Sanchin, Karate, Tai Sabaki and Jujitsu self- defense techniques.

Games: We introduce various games and their rules. Through this the students understand the importance of space, rules, challenges and strategies. They develop sportsmanship, social skills, self-management skills and thinking skills.

The students are introduced to soccer, badminton, basketball and handball.

Adventure Challenges: We introduce a variety of tasks requiring the use of physical and critical-thinking skills by individuals and/or groups. These tasks also include playing games in a group and creating games.

Health-Related Fitness: Health Education is also a vital part of our PHE curriculum. We give importance to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the body’s response to exercise including the interaction of body systems and the development of physical fitness.

Students are taught:

● The procedures to be followed in CPR
● The basic first aid to be given for common injuries
● About various nutrients, their sources and the importance of a healthy diet
● Steps to be followed to maintain individual hygiene
● Difference between good posture and bad posture


Being a good sport fosters good habits both in and out of sports and is an important life-skill for people of all ages. Sportsmanship comes in many forms and helps make competitive games fun and enjoyable. We focus on all four elements of Sportsmanship : fairness, equity, good form and the will to win as they are all equally important and not reducible to one another.

Our current Jubilee Hills campus houses an indoor “Imagination Playground” and a gymnastics room. In these facilities, students learn fundamental skills such as cooperation, teamwork, and a positive mental attitude through athletics and creative games. Students also visit Top Strike twice a week for additional sports activities. Top Strike is a sports field in Jubilee Hills where students take lessons in soccer, cricket, and other sporting activities.

With the opening of our new campus in Gachibowli, we will offer over 3.5 acres of facilities including:

  • A wood-floor, multipurpose gymnasium
  • An athletic field
  • A swimming pool