Parents Teacher Association

Parents Teacher Association

The Parent-Teacher Association is a non-political entity, which works with the board of management, leadership team, teachers and staff of New York Academy to build an effective partnership between home and school.

Why Parent-Teacher Association?

● To provide the platform for parents, teachers and staff of NYA to meet, discuss, analyze issues, and make decisions on the matters relating to school
● To promote the interests of NYA students in cooperation and mutual understanding with the board of management, leadership team, teachers and staff of NYA
● To promote the involvement of parents in consultation with the leadership team of the school in the operation of the school

How can the Parent-Teacher Association help?

● Promote a sense of community among the parents of our school
● Provide a strong communication link between the parent body and the school (faculty and administration)
● Provide the school with support in the classroom and with assistance in administrative tasks and school activities
● Provide enhancements to existing programs within the school

NYA PTA Elected Members

Vice Chairperson – Dr Vipin Das.
Secretary – Ms. Vaishnavi Bodanapu.
Treasurer – Ms. Neha Banerjee
Executive Members: Ms. Sonam Purohit, Ms. Deepa Basavaraju, Dr. Radhika Sharma
Grade Level representatives: Ms. Bhuvaneshwari, Dr. Radhika Sharma, Ms. Shruthi Murthy, Ms. Naila Amena, Ms. Kiranjot Kaur and Ms. Vandana