Parents Teacher Association

Parents Teacher Association

The Parent-Teacher Association is a non-political entity, which works with the board of management, leadership team, teachers and staff of New York Academy to build an effective partnership between home and school.

Why Parent-Teacher Association?

● To provide the platform for parents, teachers and staff of NYA to meet, discuss, analyze issues, and make decisions on the matters relating to school
● To promote the interests of NYA students in cooperation and mutual understanding with the board of management, leadership team, teachers and staff of NYA
● To promote the involvement of parents in consultation with the leadership team of the school in the operation of the school

How can the Parent-Teacher Association help?

● Promote a sense of community among the parents of our school
● Provide a strong communication link between the parent body and the school (faculty and administration)
● Provide the school with support in the classroom and with assistance in administrative tasks and school activities
● Provide enhancements to existing programs within the school

NYA PTA Elected Members

Vice Chairperson – Dr Vipin Das.
Secretary –Ms. Vaishnavi Bodanapu.
Treasurer – Ms. Neha Banerjee.
Executive Members: Ms. Sonam Purohit, Ms. Naila Amena, Dr. Disha Prabhu.
Grade Level representatives: Ms. Kiranjot Kaur, Ms. Geetika Patodia, Ms. Jyothsna Pannala, Ms. Manasa Vadlamudi, Dr. Lubna Gulnaz.

Parent Name Elected
Geetika Patodia Class Representative
Kiranjot Kaur Secretary
Jyothsna Pannala Class Representative
Vaishnavi Bodanapu Secretary
Dr Vipin Das Vice Chairperson
Neha Banerjee Treasurer
Sonam Purohit Executive Member
Dr Disha Prabhu Class Representative
MANASA VADLAMUDI Class Representative
Lubna Gulnaz Class Representative
Naila Amena Executive member