Parent Communication

Parent Communication

Thoughtful and collaborative communication between parents and teachers is essential to ensure the best possible educational experience for children. Other than the daily updates and bi-weekly newsletters shared by the teachers, both parent-teacher conferences and informal exchanges initiated by either the teacher or parents to discuss student’s progress, all play a key element in promoting student growth and progress. The most constructive dialogue occurs directly between teachers and parents. Much less success, if any, comes from a parent trying to “go over the head” of a teacher. If an issue cannot be resolved directly between a teacher and parent, the appropriate administrator will get involved.

Teachers return telephone or email inquiries from parents in a timely manner. We also ask parents to understand that teachers are with students almost all day long, so responses to inquiries might not be immediate.

Our leadership team has an open-door policy and parents can request to meet with the coordinator or the school principal to discuss their concerns and share their feedback.

If a parent feels the need for an immediate response, please contact our front desk.

Progress Reports and Parent-Teacher Conferences

Reporting involves parents, students & teachers. It is done through ongoing communication, Parent-Teacher conferences, Teacher-Student conferences, and Student-led conferences.

Students are issued narrative progress reports every six weeks followed by scheduled parent-teacher conferences. Standards-based report cards are issued at the end of each semester.

Teachers and administrators care greatly about all facets of your child’s growth. If an issue arises that needs to be addressed before one of the scheduled conferences, your child’s teacher or an administrator will contact you. Likewise, if you have a question regarding your child’s progress or general welfare, please do not hesitate to set up a conference with your child’s teachers. All said, NYA takes great pride in regular communication between school and home.

Ongoing Communication: Teachers can be contacted by telephone after school hours or with a prior appointment to discuss student performance and progress. Emails are encouraged for day-to-day communication with teachers.

Student-Led Conferences: Students lead their own conferences and share what they have been learning with their parents. Future goals are identified and set by each student with input from the parent(s).

Parent-Teacher Conferences: On-campus conferences are held twice per school year to discuss student strength and growth areas.

Teacher-Student Conferences: Students discuss their learning and growth areas with the teacher and set goals for themselves, reviewing them frequently together as progress is made.