Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

At New York Academy, we strongly believe in a home/school partnership; we believe in building a strong school community where parents have opportunities to be involved with the school and with supporting their child’s educational success. After all, learning begins in the home every day. New York Academy is committed to ongoing dialogue with parents to improve our knowledge of the needs of their children.

Parent Association

All NYA parents are automatically members of our Parent Association (PA). The PA supports the school by organizing social events and activities. Each year two parents volunteer as our NYA PA Co-Chairs. We also ask for six to eight volunteers to serve as Active PA Team Members. Please contact the school if you are interested in taking a leading role in the PA.

Involvement in the School

  • NYA is open to parents throughout the school day. Please make an appointment if you wish to visit a class or meet with a member of staff.

  • Families are invited to events, activities and celebrations that are organized by the school or the parents. These occasions provide an opportunity to watch special assemblies and celebrate student successes.
  • We request parents to read newsletters and view information on the school website to follow along with their children’s education.
  • Weekly newsletters are sent to ensure parents are kept up to date with school news, events and the curriculum.

Involvement in Learning

  • Parents are requested to support their children in the completion of homework assignments.
  • Parents are encouraged to talk with teachers before and after school, on an informal basis, to share brief information. Where more time is required, parents can make appointments to meet with a teacher.
  • Parents are requested to take advantage of the opportunity to meet with teachers during the Parent-Teacher conferences at the end of each term. Teachers value these opportunities to celebrate successes, review learning targets and listen to parental views and concerns. School reports are given prior to these meetings.
  • Parents are encouraged to email teachers with any questions, comments and concerns.


Learning is a partnership between the school, teachers, parents and students. It takes the support of all of us to help students achieve their goals and be their best selves. We are always  available to our parents and students – stop by to say hello anytime!