Parent Toddler Parent

After great amounts of research and great recommendation from friends, my husband and I decided to enroll our child for the Parent-Toddler program in NYA. And we could not be any happier of our choice. I’ve noticed a very big change in my baby. I see him really advancing in developmental and social skills, being an only child he lacks social interaction at home. So, NYA is the perfect place for him to grow into himself. Also, I am very particular about cleanliness, and NYA is so clean and I’m always in peace. The teachers are also amazing; they are like friends for my child.

Playgroup Parent

It’s been a couple of months at the Parent-Toddler session at NYA and it’s been a fantastic experience so far. The relaxed amicable environment in the classroom, the hygiene standards, the amazing homeroom teachers make every day worth looking forward to face my 2 year old son.

The approach to learning adopted here the soft and gentle approach to the toddlers, the well planned and executed themes and activities by the teachers speak about their efforts. Not to forget the tons of energy they exhibit throughout 1.5 hours.

The PE teacher has been a great encouraging mentor for my child’s sports interest. The Music and Spanish teachers love around his interests in both these areas effortlessly.

A great institute, highly recommended and fabulous teachers.

So a big “Thank You” for providing my child a safe happy and bright environment to begin his education with.

Parent Toddler

I am so pleased with how my child has progressed. Thank You! My child has joined first in Nursery but he was not okay with the pace so the teachers suggested to shift him to Parent-Toddler and then Playgroup and the transition is smooth now. He is more comfortable with the environment. He is progressing gradually in every aspect and that makes me happy. The teachers and staff here are very friendly and caring towards my child.

First and Second Grade Student’s Parent

When we began our move to Hyderabad, we were really unsure of where to enroll our son that would ensure him with the best opportunities for academic, social and emotional growth. NYA provided the ideal environment for my son to transition to school in India. The school and his teachers have provided a great learning atmosphere for him to continue developing his skills. He enjoys coming to school and participating in the special events and programs hosted by the school. I have been impressed by the vocabulary he has learned throughout the year as well as the school’s commitment to integrating STEAM learning elements.

Third grade student’s parent

“One of the things I really enjoy about NYA is that the staff is genuinely trying to make a change culturally in broadening how they approach teaching, the kind of teachers they employ, and how the school functionally runs itself day-to-day, by 1st world standards. That alone makes this school unique and successful for our children. Additionally, because the school is still small, our kids get a lot of individual attention. I value this for my young daughter and see a difference in her learning.”