At New York Academy, we enjoy celebrating holidays and festivals from India and around the world. We also love to take the chance to come together as a community to celebrate our successes, share what we have learned, and enjoy the company of our friends and families. Here is a sample of the many occasions we enjoy celebrating together each year.

NYA Assemblies

At NYA we hold whole school assemblies on a monthly basis to bring our community together to celebrate our students and community events. Assemblies are a chance for our students to work on their presentation skills in a fun and celebratory environment and we invite parents to come watch and celebrate with us. Topics might include our core values, topics we are studying in class such as plants and French, or holidays

Halloween Party

To celebrate Halloween, we invite parents and students to The Kid Centre to show off their costumes. Everyone enjoys a spooky evening with amazing costumes, games and activities for kids of all ages.

Thanksgiving Feast

Eat, drink and be thankful! To celebrate Thanksgiving, NYA families participate in a school potluck. Students from all over the world learn about the Thanksgiving holiday and experience tasting many traditional Thanksgiving foods. Our students discuss what they are thankful for and learn about the history behind this American holiday.

Winter Show

NYA students celebrate the winter holidays by gathering together with friends and families for musical performances. Each class at NYA learns and performs winter songs for parents at RNR auditorium. The performances include drama, music and dance and we love this chance to see them perform!

Republic Day

To celebrate Republic Day, our teachers plan lessons and crafts to teach students about India. Even our youngest students in the Mother/Toddler program dress in orange, green and white and make their own Indian flags. First and second grade student also lead us in an assembly dedicated to this important Indian holiday.

Spirit Week

Spirit Week helps us to recharge, re-energize and refocus for the remaining few months of the school year. During this week, students, teachers and staff members come to school dressed in the specific theme of the day. We have enjoyed showing our school spirit and unique personalities with crazy hair day, pajama day, mismatch day, and favorite character day.

Holi Celebration

Our students and teachers love celebrating the festival of colors! As is traditional across India, students engaged in water play to celebrate the occasion. Students of all ages enjoyed splashing, squirting, and spraying their friends and teachers with water guns and water balloons. It was a great way to come together as a community to laugh and play.


Check back soon to see our graduation ceremony!