End Of Year Show & Celebration

Our End of the Year Celebration is a big affair with friends and family at RNR auditorium. In 2018, Dr.Mohan Babu graced the event by his presence. Each class performs different musical numbers, including songs that show off our growing mastery of French and Spanish. Other performances include drama, music, and dance. It is a great way to come together and celebrate another fantastic year of learning and fun at NYA!

Winter Show

NYA students celebrate the winter holidays by gathering together with friends and families for musical performances. Each class at NYA learns and performs winter songs for parents at RNR auditorium. The performances include drama, music and dance and we love this chance to see them perform!

Halloween Party

To celebrate Halloween, we invite parents and students to The Kid Centre to show off their costumes. Everyone enjoys a spooky evening with amazing costumes, games and activities for kids of all ages.

NYA Assemblies

At NYA we hold whole school assemblies on a monthly basis to bring our community together to celebrate our students and community events. Assemblies are a chance for our students to work on their presentation skills in a fun and celebratory environment and we invite parents to come watch and celebrate with us. Topics might include our core values, topics we are studying in class such as plants and French, or holidays