Father’s Day 2018

We celebrate Father’s Day with a twist by organizing a Math Olympiad to engage in fun and educational activities where we can show off to our dads. Children enjoy solving math problems and activities with their fathers that have been planned by their teachers. The event is followed by a wholesome breakfast with tasty delicacies.

Mother’s Day & Spelling Bee 2018

Students at NYA love the chance to prepare something special for their mothers and caregivers. The mothers enjoy a day of delicious breakfast and Spelling Bee activities. The students along with their mothers have a splendid time participating in the activities the teachers have planned for them.

Sports Day 2018

NYA holds an annual Sports Day to show off the students increasing physical skills. It begins with a march by students past their families and onlookers. The NYA community then stands for the National Anthems of India and the USA.  Kids participated in different sports activities with enthusiasm and show off their skills.

STEAM Night 2018

NYA students invite parents to visit and take the lead in demonstrating hands-on experiments that have been working on. The focus of these experiments is on demonstrating the knowledge and application of the scientific process. S.T.E.A.M education is an interdisciplinary and cohesive approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math as access points for guiding students’ inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

Independence Day 2018

Independence Day is celebrated at NYA by gathering for a fun and patriotic whole-school assembly. Teachers also plan patriotic activities in classrooms such as Indian flag crafts and face painting. All of our students and teachers come dressed in tricolors from the Indian flag. Our Indian and international students come together to share and learn about the country we all call home.